The lake is located within 3 miles of The Deepings Syndicate 1 & 2 lakes on the cambs / Lincs border and consists of a 13.5 acre plot of land with approx 6 acres of water. It was excavated in the mid 90's as an irrigation reservoir and has remained unfished and untouched since that time. The lake varies in depth from 1.5 to 3.5m with the typical lake bed associated with excavations in a gravel extraction area.

We have had the lake surroundings completely re-landscaped with all the banks graded down to the water's edge thus avoiding the need for 'dugouts'. Each of the swims are designated by a rough cut timber weigh post and are located strategically around the lake to offer the best access for fishing. A fair number of the original trees have been retained and we are undertaking an extensive tree and shrub planting to further enhance the appearance of the lake. The lake is stocked with 150 carp to mid 30's, fully fenced and gated.

In addition to the main carp lake there is approx 400 metres of river fishing to the west bank of the lake for those interested.

There is a small anglers social cabin on the lake for the start of the season with rudimentary facilities available. We are also applying to increase the size of the lake to 10/11 acres in the coming years. We are however at the mercy of the local authority in regard to this application.

Please be advised - Anyone found viewing the lake without my permission will be denied membership for life from this and my other lakes. The lake is on a private estate and is patrolled regularly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


Price: £500.00 per year. Join Deepings 2 and 3 for only £750.


  1. Membership of the syndicate is by annual invitation of the owner and may be terminated at any time. Rule breaking or any bad behaviour will bring instant expulsion without refund, the decision of the owner being final in all cases.
  2. The lake may be closed for a time during spawning and members are not permitted on site during this period without permission. Notification will be provided whenever possible.
  3. Each member must attend a minimum of one working party per year and a minimum of TWO working parties if you are a new member. Working parties start no later than 9am and last a minimum of 5 hours.
  4. A maximum of 3 rods per angler. All rods must be fished from the same swim.
  5. All anglers to exercise the greatest possible care of fish: use good quality unhooking mats, Sacking fish is not permitted.
  6. All particle baits must be fully cooked. Uncooked or 'soaked only' particles are a danger to the fish and must not be used under any circumstances.
  7. No 'bent hooks' (curved hooks are per permitted) and no permanently fixed leads, due to possible fish damage.
  8. No litter; any anglers found with litter in their swim whilst fishing, or after they have left will be banned. This is irrespective of whether the angler deposited the litter or not.
  9. No Cutting or removing, or weeds, reeds, bushes, trees, etc.
  10. Removal or introduction of fish strictly prohibited, except within these rules.
  11. No live baits to be brought onto the property from outside.
  12. The lake boat is not to be used under any circumstance.
  13. All baits must be reeled in when temporarily leaving the lake.
  14. Non fishing guests must be authorised by the owners, no guns, no fires.
  15. The owner or any private guests of theirs, reserve the right to fish at any time.
  16. Fishing is carried out entirely at the anglers own risks and the owner accept no responsibility for any accidents or damage that might occur on the property.
  17. The owner reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior consultation.
  18. All Carp weights are to be recorded in full in the log book contained in the lodge.
  19. For fishery management reasons all Carp caught must be photographed on each side and pictures with details of weights etc. must be sent to the owners within 6 weeks of the catching.
  20. No bait boats.
  21. The reserving of swims for friends, or leaving tackle in swims to reserve them for long periods, is not allowed. Short periods of absence up to 4 hours are permitted if you need to leave the lake.
  22. The maximum length of any sessions 4 days and 4 nights after which time you must leave the premises and not return for 76 hours (this means that you cannot do two weekends running in one session).
  23. The owner reserve the right to close the lake at any time they think fit, prior notice will be given in writing whenever possible.
  24. All gates to be closed and properly locked at all times.
  25. Members should act as bailiffs where necessary and challenge anyone on the lake they suspect are not members.
  26. Members must not pass on keys or keycodes to the lakes.
  27. Rods must be fished on the same swim and not spread along the bank.
  28. Members must show the maximum possible respect to other members by being polite and courteous at all times.
  29. Cars are to be parked in the designated car parks only. Deeping 2 – you must park in Deepings 1 car park and barrow your tackle across to Deepings 2. Anyone caught unloading on the road by the gate of lake 2 will be expelled from the syndicate
  30. All publicity including photos, stories and reports about the fishery or its fish is first to be authorised by the owner. In some instances publicity will not be permitted. A copy of authorised publicity must be supplied to the owners as soon as it is published.
  31. The use of barbed or barbless hooks is optional. Please consider the well being of the fish when unhooking them.
  32. The lake gates must be closed and locked at all times.